Home Decor Trend 2019 - Plants and More Plants

I’m always on the lookout for fresh new ideas in home decor. What’s trending these days? One persisting theme I have noticed this year is the desire to bring the outdoors inside. Leafy plants, short plants, wide plants, tall plants, cacti, succulents, and flowers. And why not? Green is a naturally soothing color, and bathing our interior walls and horizontal surfaces in healthy stems and leaves can set the tone for a truly relaxing space.

Looking for some inspiration to join in the green vibes? Here are three of my go-to types of greenery perfect for the warm months of 2019.

Decorating with Cacti and Succulents

Living most of my life in the Southwestern United States has fostered a true appreciation for our low-water and drought-resistant plant companions. Since mindful water use outside of the home has always been a big part of my landscaping strategy, it’s not a far stretch to incorporate inside as well. Cactus plants can be an adorable addition to almost any well-lit surface like a window sill or a window-side table, and can be used right alongside leafy plants as well. My personal favorites include mini barrel cacti in colorful pots.

Other succulents of the non-spiny variety come in a rainbow of colors and are great for a subtle but exotic look.

One other (and probably the most important) reason I prefer this subsection of plant decor is my apparent ineptitude with caring for plant life.

Do you forget to water? Get some cacti.

Do you forget to water AND then water too much to make up for it, while guilt eats away at you because you took on too much responsibility bringing this fragile life home one day after a particularly impulsive visit to Home Depot? OK, get some fake cacti. You can’t be trusted.

Decorating with Ferns

Ferns have been trending since before the dinosaurs, so why fight it now? There are also several different types of fern, so you can mix and match the textures and colors to create the feel you want. As an added benefit, these plants do well in pretty much any orientation:

Vertical -

Probably my favorite way to use ferns, a “living wall” (but doesn’t have to be alive, faux ferns work in the right places too) can be constructed in different ways. Using one type of fern with medium-length leaves will create a slightly uniform and fluffy section of wall. If you are daring, mix the leaf type, texture, and color to really add some great dimensional flair as well as start up some great conversations.

Hanging pot or basket -

In a similar fashion to vertical ferns, leaves of ferns in hanging pots cascade down to add softness to a room that may not have a lot of horizontal space for you to use. I am particularly fond of hanging several baskets at different heights in the kitchen to add the perfect amount of organic flair while keeping my countertops free.

Tabletop pot or vase -

When in doubt, keep it simple. One thing that’s great about ferns is that they can be dressed up or down depending on the environment. If you are going for a minimalist look in the living room with basic colors and clean lines, a matte finish gray (or darker) rounded pot can be just the thing to add a subtle organic touch. On the other hand, ferns work just as well in a vibrant, colorful, and angular vase for those spaces where the excitement of life cannot (and should not!) be contained.

Decorating with Palms (and other tropical plants)

I can almost feel the ocean breeze now! If you are feeling adventurous, broad, green leaves and bright-colored fruit can bring that summer vibe into any space in need of a wake-up call. There are two ways to think about it, however. You can opt to go full-blown parrots-and-Margaritaville-it’s-five-o’-clock-somewhere theme park style and go as big as you want, or add some more subtle touches. Depending on the time of year, I can go either way. Whatever you decide, it will add a nice boost of warmth to any living area. I love that there are large varieties of tropical plants like giant palm leaves that work well in large rooms. You can then add pops of color with fruit prints or hibiscus flowers, making the possibilities virtually endless!

Decorating with plants - take home message

Hopefully by now you have been able to identify at least one of my favorite ways to bring fresh, organic touches to your interior decor repertoire (or at least inspired you to go find your own!). Add as few or as many plants as you want to any room; I’m fairly certain you can’t go wrong.

And with that, I’ll leave you with one more hint: check out frillist.co for our selection of plant-inspired decor kits available for rent! No storage, no clutter, and new stuff every season.


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